Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Simply Stated - Learning Commons Defined

University of Northern Iowa's Rod Library is in the early stages of transforming the main floor into a learning commons. They have crafted a simple, but elegant mission statement:

 The Learning Commons is a student-centered physical and virtual learning space designed under the guiding principles of openness, flexibility, comfort, inspiration, and practicality. It fosters collaborative and independent active learning by providing technology, resources, and services that help to engage students and faculty in the learning process. Through the Learning Commons the library will strive to create active partnerships with other university units that incorporate campus-wide goals and objectives.

The Learning Commons supports the Library’s goals to provide “high quality services responsive to the
changing cultural, research, and informational needs of our community” and “functional, flexible, inviting,
safe, technology-equipped learning spaces.”

The Learning Commons supports the mission of the University of Northern Iowa to provide “transformative learning experiences that inspire students to embrace challenge, engage in critical inquiry and creative thought, and contribute to society.” http://bit.ly/15F6OoO

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