Saturday, January 30, 2010

12 Keys to Library Design

Thomas Sens, architect with BHDP Architects in Cincinnati, has developed a succinct and useful checklist for planning and designing academic libraries. There are two versions of it. A short version appeared in Library Journal in May, 2009, and a longer one in Building Design + Construction in December, 2009.

1. Envision the library as place.

2. Invite students and other stakeholders to the table.

3.Make collaboration a must.

4. See that technology drives the bus.

5. Plan for change.

6. Use the library to attract and retain top students.

7. Optimize spaces between spaces.

8. Consolidate emerging specialty spaces.

9. Take advantage of the commons.

10. Rethink library programming.

11. Design for environmental sustainability.

12. Get creative with funding.

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